Board of Education Adopts 2014-15 School Budget

The Board of Education adopted an $8,505,104 2014-15 school budget on April 10 that requires no cuts to program or staff, maintains class sizes and creates new opportunities for students in reading, physical education and an elective for 8th graders. The budget requires an estimated 1.06% increase in the tax levy. The community budget vote will be held Tuesday, May 20 from noon to 9:00 p.m. in the school band room. Click here for a PowerPoint presentation with budget details…

8th Graders Teach Younger Students About Science

Gardner-Dickinson School held its Science Fun Night on Apr. 9 where 8th grade students Tim Cooper, Ray Hoffman, Keara Kelley, Michael LaBelle, Conner McClain, Stephen McClain, Paige Nicholson, Averi Panichi and Aidan Sullivan shared their projects with younger students. Graduate Rebecca LaBelle, who now attends Troy High School, also brought her telescope she received from a program with the Dudley Observatory to show students the moon.

6th Graders Learn About Transfer of Energy Through Ecosystem

Students in 6th grade science learned about the transfer of energy through an ecosystem using a game that helped them understand the material. “In order to practice determining which organisms receive energy from others, students played Food Web War,” explained teacher Samantha Swart. “The student who had the organism that absorbed energy from another organism won the round.”

Parents As Reading Partners Program Encourages Reading

This year’s Parents As Reading Partners was once again a success, culminating with the March 26 event where parents, faculty and staff read with students. Congratulations to our top readers who read the most during the four week program: Anthony Martoccio (kindergarten, 860 minutes), Carley Walsh (1st grade, 750 minutes), Athena Seebald (2nd grade, 1,050 minutes), Lauren Czubek (3rd grade, 1,075 minutes), Isadora Geise (4th grade, 1,584 minutes) and Alex Stone (5th grade, 1,342 minutes).

5th Graders Calculate Density of Salt Water

Fifth grade students in Peter Mesh’s class calculated the density of a saturated solution of salt water using new laptop computers to document their experiment. Students also learned how to use Excel spreadsheet software to calculate differences and averages. The new computers were purchased through a technology initiative in the 2013-14 budget.

Gardner-Dickinson School Welcomes Air Force Reserve Technical Sergeant

Gardner-Dickinson School welcomed Air Force Reserve Technical Sergeant Amie Moore to school on April 4, who spoke about her experiences at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. Sgt. Moore, who lives in Wynantskill, shared photographs, videos cultural artifacts and military items during her presentation. Thank you Sgt. Moore for your service and spending time with our students!

Student Is "Principal for a Day" As Reward for Good Character

Seventh grader Austin Winchip got to be Principal for a Day on March 25 after his name was chosen at random as part of Gardner-Dickinson’s new character education program. As principal, Austin helped in the main office, delivered important papers to teachers and visited students, who often high-fived him with excitement. Congratulations Austin!

Students Learn About Human Body and Health Care Careers

Fifth grade students learned about the human body and careers in health care during a field trip to the “Journey Through the Body” event on March 28 sponsored by St. Peter’s Health Partners.

8th Graders Propose Amendments to U.S. Constitution

As part of their studies on the U.S. Constitution, 8th grade students discussed how amendments are ratified, proposing their own which they debated and voted on. "Students developed a persuasive presentation to gain support for the amendment that they have created,” explained teacher Matt Lutz. “They created posters, slogans, songs etc. to encourage support for their amendments." Click here to read more...

Library Media Specialist Shares Info on E-Books

Library Media Specialist Linda Fecura has shared information about e-books that are available free to students and our community. Click here to read more...

Skribblers Magazine Editor Helps Students Build Writing Skills

Kindergarteners and 1st graders worked on their writing with Tammy Ellis Robinson, founder of Skribblers magazine, when she visited their classrooms on March 5. Skribblers is a non-profit magazine that provides opportunities for students to have their stories and artwork published. Thank you Mrs. Robinson for visiting our students! Click here to see more photos…

7th Graders Classify Igneous Rocks in Science Class

Seventh grade students used new laptop computers to identify and classify igneous rocks in Mrs. Ryan’s science class. The laptops, as well as computer tablets, were purchased as part of an initiative in the 2013-14 school budget to put more technology in the hands of Gardner-Dickinson students at all grade levels to better prepare them for college and careers.

Principal Mary Yodis Explains New Character Education Program

Principal Mary Yodis presented an overview of the school's new Bee character education program to the Board of Education on Feb. 24. The program encourages students to Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible by giving out Bee tickets to students who display these qualities. Students are recognized at an assembly each Friday. Click here to see Mrs. Yodis' presentation...


PTO Father-Daughter Dance - Friday, April 25 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The PTO will hold a Father-Daughter Dance on Friday, April 25 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the school gym. Click here for a permission slip with more information… Posted 4/15/14.

PTO Yankee Candle Pick Up - Monday, April 28 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

The PTO Yankee Candle Pick Up will be held Monday, April 28 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in the PTO room. For questions, please e-mail Michelle LaVoy or call her at 598-7346. Posted 4/24/14.

Results of Routine Radon Testing

We want to inform parents about results of routine radon testing conducted recently in Gardner-Dickinson School. Every classroom except for one was found to be well below acceptable levels. The band room and two offices were found to have levels slightly above those levels. While remediation is required, the district has checked with New York State which has indicated the rooms are safe to use. The district has consulted with a company that specializes in radon remediation and we believe some simple work on ceiling vents in the basement should resolve the issue. We will retest the areas once work is completed to ensure the issue is resolved. If you have any questions, please contact Superintendent Lee Bordick at 283-4600 ext. 14. Posted 4/03/14.

Special Education StudyDistrict Special Education Study Available

At the March 20 Board of Education meeting, consultant Michael Marcelle presented the district’s Special Education, AIS and RtI Service Study. Mr. Marcelle met with faculty, staff and community members and reviewed district documents to complete the study, which the Board requested to help answer questions raised last summer by the community. Click here to view the study… Posted 4/01/14.

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