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Students wins awardKindergartener Earns YMCA Student of the Year Award

Kindergartener Madison Schmidt was presented with the Student of the Year Award by the Capital District YMCA at its 2014 Awards Banquet. Madison received the award because she exemplifies the YMCA’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Congratulations! Posted 6/10/14.


Students work with founder of Skribblers magazineStudents Have Their Writing Published in Magazine

Dozens of Gardner-Dickinson elementary students had their writing published in the spring edition of Skribblers, a non-profit magazine featuring children’s work. “Students had the opportunity to work with [Skribblers founder] Mrs. Robinson in some writing workshops earlier this school year and were excited to find their work printed in the latest edition of Skribblers Magazine!” said Reading Specialist Rebecca Benjamin. Congratulations! Posted 6/10/14.

Fourth Graders Learn About Hudson River During Field Trip

Fourth grade students learned about trading on the Hudson River during the late 1700’s with a visit to the Albany Visitors Centers on May 23. Students also learned about start navigation in the Henry Hudson Planetarium during their visit. Click here to see a photo gallery… Posted 6/03/14.


Students readStudents Encourage Each Other to Read Over Summer

On May 28, 6th grade students played “Musical Books” where each student brought in his or her favorite book. Students then spent five minutes with a new book before moving onto the next one. “The hope is that the 6th graders might find a new book or two that they may be interested in reading over the summer,” explained teacher Samantha Swart. Posted 6/03/14.


Engaging Project Helps Students Learn About Protists

Students took a varied approach to learn about four common protists – paramecium, amoebas, volvox and euglena. “Students saw live specimens under the microscope so they could observe their movements,” said teacher Samantha Swart. “Then they viewed prepared slides under the microscope so they could view details of each of them. Finally, students had to come up with a protest cartoon.” Click here to see more photos… Posted 6/03/14.

Students create muralStudents Create Mural with Guidance from Artist

Eighth graders created a mural from stained glass for Gardner-Dickinson School with the help of artist Tamara DeMartino, who taught students as part of an Arts in Education program. “Mr. Bordick thought it would be nice for 8th graders to create something together that they’ll be able to leave behind,” said art teacher Jeanine Mitchell. “We identified a section of wall and the students came up with an aquatics theme.” Great job! Posted 5/27/14.

Athletes of the Month for AprilAthletes of the Month for April

Congratulations to Athletes of the Month for April Justin Cioffi and Natalie Stoner. “Justin always plays well, works hard in practice and never complains. He is a role model for all of his fellow students,” said Athletic Director Laurie Albright. "Natalie is great role model on and off the field. She encourages all her teammates during practice as well as at games to work hard and compliments their efforts.” Click here to read more... Posted 5/15/14.

Students Enjoy First Class Trip to Washington, D.C.

Eighth grade students enjoyed their first class trip to Washington, D.C. as they learned about the country’s history with visits to the White House, U.S. Capitol, Holocaust Museum and other sites. “The students were phenomenal. I don’t have enough words to express how proud I am of them,” said Superintendent Lee Bordick. “They rose to every expectation we had for them.” Click here to see a photo gallery… Posted 5/13/14.

Sixth Graders Learn About Ancient Greece

As part of their studies on Ancient Greece, sixth graders learned about the story of Atalanta, a woman who was a skilled runner and hunter, and recreated the story. “Students read the myth, discussed the gods and goddesses involved in the story and then committed the play to memory. Some students worked on set design and costumes as well,” said teacher Samantha Swart. Click here to see a photo gallery… Posted 5/13/14.

3rd Quarter Honor Rolls Announced

The honor rolls for the 3rd quarter were recently announced. Click here to see a list... Congratulations to all our students! Posted 5/06/14.

Second Graders Share Books They Wrote

To conclude their class project, second graders showed off the books they wrote by reading and discussing their work with students from other grades. Students spent weeks researching authors using print and online materials, writing to a local author and finally writing their own books. “We try to do an Author Study to expose students to different styles of writing,” explained Mrs. Cronin. “By letting them pick their own topic to write about, their interest went through the roof.” Click here to see a photo gallery…Posted 5/08/14.

Student Is "Principal for a Day" As Reward for Good Character

Fourth grader Ryan LeFevre got to be Principal for a Day after his name was chosen at random as part of Gardner-Dickinson’s new character education program. As principal, Ryan helped in the main office, visited classrooms and helped teachers. Congratulations Ryan! Click here to see a photo gallery... Posted 5/06/14.


No ParkingImportant Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures Help Keep Students Safe

To help ensure the safety of our students, Gardner-Dickinson School is asking for our parents’ help as we refine our arrival and dismissal procedures. Click here to read a parent letter detailing drop off and pick up procedures… Posted 5/01/14.


2014-15 School Day Calendar Available

The one-page 2014-15 school day calendar, which lists school days, holidays and recesses, is available by clicking here... Posted 4/03/14.

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Kindergarten Registration Now Open

Gardner-Dickinson School is now accepting kindergarten registrations by phone for the 2014-15 school year. Parents are asked to contact Ms. Fazioli at 283-4600 ext. 10 between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. A child must be 5-years-old by December 1 to be eligible to attend kindergarten for the 2014-15 school year. Posted 1/21/14.

Question About Common Core Learning Standards?

For parents who have questions about the Common Core Learning Standards, the district has created a webpage with brochures, a video and other parent resources. Click here to visit the website... Posted 10/01/13.

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