School Safety

Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures

In order to ensure a safe and orderly dismissal process, Gardner-Dickinson has recently adjusted its procedures for students who are being picked up from school. Please note that all students who are picked up (whether on a regular or occasional basis) will all follow the same protocol. The protocol is as follows:

  • Parents will be buzzed into the school through the main entrance outer set of doors and will then sign their child out with Mrs. Fazioli in the vestibule. Parents will then wait in this area until the school day is over. Students will only be released to parents within the vestibule and not outside in front of the school.
  • Mrs. Fazioli will be checking to make sure that the person picking up the child is on the list of approved adults to pick up that child. This list was generated when families filled out the “Student Information Sheet” on the first day of school. Please make sure that if there are any changes throughout the year, that you notify the school immediately.
  • If Mrs. Fazioli does not recognize the person picking up a child, she will ask for them to show a photo ID that matches the name on the approved pick up list.
  • A second aide will assist with the organization/effective release of your children from the school to the vestibule (this will prevent mass exiting of students, which can make the dismissal process chaotic and thus unsafe).

Thank you for your understanding and your support for our efforts to keep our children safe.

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