Lanyards Made with Love

The Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center received a generous donation thanks to the hard work and compassion of a Gardner-Dickinson student.

First-grader Giada Pastore raised $400 for the Children’s Hospital and donated hand-made bracelets to patients.

Pastore made colorful mask lanyards for herself and her sister to use at school, and friends admired the lanyards. Pastore’s mother says friends began asking whether they could purchase one of Giada’s lanyards.

After discussing what could be done with the funds, Pastore quickly decided she would like to sell her lanyards and give all the money to children in hospitals for toys and coloring books.

Pastore’s mother posted about her decision on Instagram, and an overwhelming amount of orders came in to support Pastore’s efforts.

Lanyards were sold for $10-$15 each, and Pastore sold more than 20.

Pastore decided to donate hand-made bracelets to children in the hospital to brighten spirits. Each bracelet included words such as “brave” and “strong.”

Pastore says she loved making the lanyards and bracelets, but her favorite part of the process was hearing about all the wonderful things the Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital could do with her donation from Albany Medical Center staff.


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