COVID-19 Testing Consent Form and Test Information

New York State has implemented a micro-cluster strategy to designate areas with high COVID-19 infection rates as Yellow, Orange, or Red Zones, based on positivity rates and daily new cases. If a zip code, census tract or region is placed in one of those Zones, there will be restrictions for schools.

Please review our Yellow, Orange and Red Micro-Cluster Zone letter if you have not already done so.

Testing a portion of our school’s population for COVID-19 is a requirement set forth by the state if we enter a Yellow, Orange or Red Zone in order to keep our school open. Just as we have asked for your continued assistance with following the new COVID-19 protocols, we would need your permission to administer tests to your children. The Wynantskill UFSD testing consent form is available here. This applies only to in-person students. Students who are learning in a full virtual setting are not required to be tested.

Please note the test will not be the deep-sinus nasopharyngeal swab. The test will be a non-invasive nasal swab, just inside the lowermost portion of the nostril. Please view this test demonstration video.

The testing consent form will be sent home with students tomorrow, December 15. Please fill out and return the consent form.

We would like to thank each and every member of our school community for your uninterrupted support and understanding. We are GD Strong, and we will get through this difficult time together.

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