Appreciation Week – Friday

Today, we are appreciating our bus drivers, custodians, parents and students!
Our bus drivers have worked hard ensuring students remain six feet apart while getting to and from school and disinfecting all seats between use of buses.
Our custodial and maintenance staff learned about new health and safety protocols and worked day and night disinfecting classrooms, hallways and all other areas within the building and helping to move furniture to ensure a six-foot distance between each student’s workspace.
THANK YOU, PARENTS! You have quickly stepped into the role of at-home tutors and were patient and understanding through all of the changes thrown your way. A total of 50% of our parents drop off and pick up students from school, which is what has allowed our district to be open five days a week for the entirety of the school year! We are so appreciative of all your hard work and support throughout the year!
Last, but certainly not least, our students adapted to every obstacle that came their way this past year. Many of our students are too young to fully understand what has been happening, and their lives have been turned upside down. Through the many changes students faced including separation from friends, adapting to online learning and more, they overcame and continued with their education, no matter how the pandemic changed their lives. Our students are our heroes, and they’re the ones we work so hard for day in and day out.
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