Second Grade LEGO Community Project

We LOVE having this culminating community project after delving into all 3 types of communities for 6 weeks! The kiddos wrote about the advantages/disadvantages of living in each community, dramatically debated on which is best for living, and discussed at length how their lives would change if they had to move to an urban or rural area. They are most proud of their Lego creation! I am most proud of their participation, creativity and deep thinking.

A special Thank you to all of my friends and GD parents that donated enough baseboards for the entire second grade class! We hope you like our finished product!

This year we added a few new businesses and were sad not to have the bowling alley, but you’ll still see it in there at Hatchet Hardware. We also added street signs this year…the kiddos placed them according to Google earth…they are so tech savvy!

– Gina Mahoney 2nd Grade Teacher

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