100% Paid Training & Support: Special Plea from Director of Transportation

From the Desk of Michael Goyer, Wynantskill UFSD Director of Transportation


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

For the last two plus years, our wonderful school district has been greatly impacted not only by Covid but by the lack of interest in the position of becoming a school bus driver. Our school district is part of a bigger nationwide, school bus driver shortage. We were very fortunate last year after months of Dr. Yodis searching, to bring on four new school bus driver trainees. This was only to fill a void we knew we were facing with staff in the Fall of 2021. We are again at that terrible juncture when the need for new school bus drivers is ever present. Without new drivers, the service you have been accustomed to, will be greatly impacted. The safety of the children will never be jeopardized, but I may have no choice but to add multiple schools to buses to get the job done. Timeliness will be very much impacted as will the length of time students may be on board their bus.

When I arrived here in late 2018 to help the school district with some transportation challenges it was facing, I was amazed at the comradery and the years of service of the current staff. A few drivers still remained from my time here back in 1996 when I left Wynantskill to further my career in school bus transportation. My Dad, Henry S. Goyer, drove here in the 60’s until his passing in 1985. He loved the job and so do I. With this being said, it is important for me to help continue to provide the best possible service and protection to our children by filling the driver’s seat with caring and professional staff. The process may be long, but the rewards are worth it.

 I can’t do this without you! 

We (Your Transportation Staff) can’t do this without you!


I am appealing for your help and hope that I can get four individuals interested, trained, and behind the wheel of a Wynantskill Union Free School District Bus ready for Fall of 2022.


Please, please, please consider becoming a part of our transportation team. The time is now to begin the process.


We will train and guide you through each step needed to become part of our team.

We will pay for 100% of your training and support you through the process.


You may contact me at mgoyer@wynantskillufsd.org or call me at 1-518-283-4600 ext. 134 for more information. And you may always reach out to the school’s main office or Superintendent Dr. Mary Yodis.


We are here for the Children!

Thank You,

Michael H. Goyer

Director of Transportation



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