BOE Agendas & Minutes

Wynantskill UFSD’s Board of Education meetings will be held in-person beginning on May 5, 2022.  Video Conferencing via ZOOM will no longer be available All Board of Education meetings will be held in the Library at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted.


Please note the following recently updated policies (4/19/2022):

1230: Public Comment at Board Meetings

1230 E: Public Comment at Board Meetings Exhibit

Notice of 2022-2023 Budget Hearing and Vote Information

Here is the 2022-2023 Notice of Budget Hearing and Vote Information.


February 15th, 2023Regular Meeting
January 18th, 2023Regular Meeting
December 21st, 2023Regular Meeting
November 16th, 2023Regular MeetingAgenda

Draft Minutes

Treasurer's Report

Tax Report Card

H. Williams Contract

Facilities Use Request

Corrective Action Plan

Code of Conduct

Capital Project Award Recommendations
October 19th, 2023Regular MeetingAgenda

Draft Minutes

Budget Development Calendar

Policy 9420

Policy 8414.6

Policy 0100

Extra Curricular Report
September 21st, 2023Regular MeetingAgenda

Draft Minutes
August 31st, 2023Regular MeetingAgenda

Draft Minutes
July 5th, 2023Organizational Meeting/Regular MeetingRe-Org Meeting Agenda

Regular Meeting Agenda
Re-Org Minutes

July 5th Minutes
June 15th, 2023Regular MeetingAgendaJune 15th Minutes2023-24 District Safety Plan
June 5th, 2023Special MeetingJune 5th AgendaJune 5th Minutes
May 18th, 2023Regular MeetingAgendaMay MinutesSRO Agreement
May 16th, 2023Special Meeting (Budget Vote & School Board Election, 12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.)
May 4th, 2023Special Meeting (2023-2024 Budget Hearing, 7:00 p.m.)
Budget Hearing AgendaBudget Hearing Minutes
April 25th, 2023Special Meeting (Questar III Budget Vote, 8 a.m.)Questar Vote Minutes
April 20th, 2023Regular MeetingBOE Agenda April 20th DraftApril 20th Minutes
March 16th, 2023Regular MeetingBOE Agenda March 16thMarch 16th Minutes
February 16th, 2023Regular MeetingBOE Agenda Feb 16thFeb 16th MinutesBOE 2023-24 Schedule
January 19th, 2023Regular MeetingBOE Agenda Jan 19thJan 19th Minutes
December 15th, 2022Regular MeetingBOE Agenda Dec. 15thDecember 15th Minutes
November 17th, 2022Regular MeetingBOE Agenda Nov. 17thNovember 17 Minutes
October 25th, 2022Special MeetingBOE Agenda Oct. 25thOctober 25th Minutes
October 20th, 2022Regular MeetingBOE Agenda Oct. 20thOctober 20th Minutes
September 15th, 2022Regular Meeting
BOE Agenda Sept. 15thSeptember 15th Minutes
September 7th, 2022Special MeetingBOE Agenda Sept. 7thMinutes
August 25, 2022Regular MeetingBOE Agenda Aug. 25thMinutes
July 5, 2022Organizational MeetingBOE Agenda – July 5, 2022

Re-Org Meeting Spreadsheet

Organizational Minutes
Wynantskill UFSD District-Wide Safety Plan 2022-2023
June 16, 2022Regular MeetingBOE Agenda – June 16, 2022MinutesJune 2022 Internal Audit Report

June 2022 Treasurer’s Report
May 19, 2022Regular MeetingBOE Agenda – May 19, 2022MinutesContract for Susan Stoya
May 2022 Internal Audit Report

May 2022 Treasurer’s Report
John Penman Agreement
Certification of 2022 Budget Vote, Bus Proposition and BOE Election results

May 17, 2022Special Meeting (Budget Vote & School Board Election, 12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.)
May 5, 2022Special Meeting (2022-2023 Budget Hearing, 7:00 p.m.)
Agenda Minutes
April 26, 2022Special Meeting (Questar III Budget Vote, 9 a.m. via Zoom)Minutes of Special Meeting of the Board of Education April 26 2022 MeetingQuestar III 22-23 Tentative Budget Document Final
April 14, 2022Regular MeetingBOE Agenda April 14 22 MinutesTreasurer's Monthly Report April 22

Internal Audit Report 22 April

Extra Classroom Activity April 2022


Policy 8130 2nd Revision First Read

Board Presentation - Wynantskill UFSD 4-14-2022 final

Budget Presentation April 14, 2022

Gardner-Dickinson ELA & Math Data and AIS support

Thank You PTA for the Buddy Benches!
March 17, 2022Regular MeetingBOE Agenda March 17 22Minutes
BOE 504 3 22

Second Read Policy

Irsh PE 2022 23

Transportation Agreement with N. Greenbush

NG Tuition

Treasurer's Report March 17, 2022

Wyn Audit Report

Budget Outlook

Athletics Update

February 17, 2022Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes

BOE Meeting Schedule

Treasurer's Report

Audit Report

Koberger Contract

Policy 0101: Gender Neutral Single-Occupancy Bathrooms

Policy 1230: Public Comment at Board Meetings

Policy 1230-E: Public Comment at Board Meetings Exhibit

Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

Policy 6150: Budget Transfers
January 20, 2022Regular MeetingAgendaMinutesFinancial Reports
Corrective Action Response to Annual Audit
Policy – First Read
Rocco Mazzarello Contract
G-D Monthly Student Activity Calendar
December 16, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 18, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutesTransportation Study
October 21, 2021Regular Meeting/District-wide Safety Plan HearingAgendaMinutesDraft 2021-22 District-wide Safety Plan

PTA Minutes

September 23, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 23, 2021Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 12, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 6, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 6, 2021Organizational MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 10, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes

WPTA Report
May 20, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes

WPTA Report

Transportation Presentation
May 6, 2021Budget HearingJoin Zoom Meeting
April 20, 2021Special Meeting (Questar III Budget Vote, 9 a.m.)Join Zoom MeetingMinutes
April 15, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes (Draft)
March 18, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes (Draft)
February 25, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 21, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 17, 2020Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 19, 2020Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 15, 2020Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 17, 2020Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes (Draft)
September 9, 2020Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 27, 2020Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 27, 2020Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 23, 2020Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 2, 2020Organizational MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 17, 2020Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 11, 2020Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 2, 2020Budget HearingAgendaMinutes
May 21, 2020Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 7, 2020Regular Meeting AgendaMinutes
April 23, 2020Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 21, 2020Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 19, 2020
(Canceled due to COVID-19)
Regular Meeting
February 27, 2020Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 16, 2020Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 19, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 21, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 17, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 19, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 15, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 11, 2019Organizational MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 20, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 16, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 13, 2019Budget HearingN/AMinutes
April 16, 2019Special MeetingN/AMinutes
April 11, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 21, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 28, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 17, 2019Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 20, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 15, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 18, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 20, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 23, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 20, 2018Special MeetingN/AN/A
July 12, 2018Organizational MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 14, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 17, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 7, 2018Budget HearingN/AMinutes
April 19, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 17, 2018Special MeetingN/AMinutes
March 15, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 15, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 18, 2018Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 21, 2017Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 16, 2017Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 19, 2017Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 21, 2017Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 24, 2017Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 20, 2017Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 6, 2017Organizational MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 15, 2017Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 18, 2017Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 9, 2017Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 3, 2017Special MeetingN/AMinutes
April 26, 2017Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 25, 2017Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 10, 2017Budget WorkshopAgendaMinutes
April 10, 2017Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
March 16, 2017Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 16, 2017Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 19, 2017Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 15, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 17, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 2, 2016Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 20, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 12, 2016Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 15, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 25, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 7, 2016Organizational MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 16, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 23, 2016Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 19, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 16, 2016Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 21, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 19, 2016Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 18, 2016Budget WorkshopAgendaN/A
March 17, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 10, 2016Budget WorkshopAgendaN/A
February 11, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 21, 2016Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 17, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 19, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 15, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 28, 2015WorkshopAgendaN/A
September 17, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 27, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 14, 2015Board RetreatAgendaMinutes
July 29, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 9, 2015Organizational MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 18, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 10, 2015Special MeetingN/AMinutes
June 4, 2015WorkshopAgendaN/A
June 2, 2015Special MeetingN/AMinutes
June 1, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 21, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 19, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 12, 2015Budget HearingAgendaMinutes
May 7, 2015WorkshopAgendaMinutes
April 21, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 16, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 6, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 2, 2015WorkshopAgendaN/A
March 19, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 9, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 5, 2015WorkshopAgendaN/A
February 23, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 19, 2015WorkshopAgendaMinutes
February 12, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 5, 2015WorkshopAgendaN/A
January 20, 2015Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 15, 2015Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 18, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 4, 2014WorkshopAgendaN/A
November 20, 2014WorkshopAgendaMinutes
November 6, 2014WorkshopAgendaN/A
October 16, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 2, 2014WorkshopAgendaMinutes
September 18, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 3, 2014Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 21, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 9, 2014Organizational MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 19, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 27, 2014WorkshopAgendaN/A
May 22, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 13, 2014Budget HearingAgendaN/A
May 2, 2014Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 24, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 22, 2014Special MeetingN/AMinutes
April 10, 2014Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 27, 2014WorkshopAgendaMinutes
March 20, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 13, 2014WorkshopAgendaN/A
March 6, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 24, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 13, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaN/A
January 16, 2014Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 15, 2014Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 19, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 21, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 17, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 19, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 5, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 23, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 22, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 15, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 14, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 8, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 5, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 29, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 26, 2013Special MeetingAgendaN/A
July 25, 2013Special MeetingAgendaN/A
July 16, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 12, 2013Special MeetingAgendaN/A
July 11, 2013Organizational MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 9, 2013Special MeetingN/AMinutes
June 25, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 19, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 15, 2013Special MeetingN/AN/A
June 14, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 13, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 10, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
May 16, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 18, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 20, 2013Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 14, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 14, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 17, 2013Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 13, 2012Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 15, 2012Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 31, 2012Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 26, 2012Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 18, 2012Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 13, 2012Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 15, 2012Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 13, 2012Organizational MeetingAgendaMinutes
June 14, 2012Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
May 31, 2012Special MeetingN/AMinutes
May 17, 2012Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
May 15, 2012Special MeetingN/AMinutes
April 24, 2012Special MeetingN/AMinutes
April 19, 2012Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
April 3, 2012Special MeetingN/AMinutes
March 28, 2012Special MeetingN/AMinutes
March 15, 2012Regular MeetingN/AN/A
February 16, 2012Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
January 30, 2012Special MeetingN/AMinutes
January 19, 2012Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
December 22, 2011Special MeetingN/AMinutes
December 15, 2011Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
November 29, 2011Special MeetingN/AN/A
November 17, 2011Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
October 20, 2011Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
September 15, 2011Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
August 18, 2011Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
July 6, 2011Organizational MeetingN/AMinutes
June 16, 2011Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
May 19, 2011Regular MeetingN/AN/A
April 26, 2011Special MeetingN/AMinutes
April 14, 2011Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
March 17, 2011Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
February 17, 2011Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
December 16, 2010Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
November 18, 2010Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
November 1, 2010Special MeetingN/AMinutes
October 25, 2010Special MeetingN/AMinutes
October 14, 2010Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
September 23, 2010Special MeetingN/AMinutes
September 16, 2010
Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
August 19, 2010Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
July 1, 2010Organizational MeetingN/AMinutes
June 17, 2010Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
May 20, 2010Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
May 4, 2010Budget HearingN/AMinutes
April 27, 2010Special MeetingN/AMinutes
March 18, 2010Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
February 11, 2010Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
January 21, 2010Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
January 13, 2010Special MeetingN/AMinutes
December 17, 2009Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
November 19, 2009Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
October 15, 2009Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
September 17, 2009Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
August 20, 2009Regular MeetingN/AMinutes
July 1, 2009Organizational MeetingN/AMinutes