Wynantskill UFSD


Gardner-Dickinson School will close early today, Monday, Dec. 9 due to a lack of running water.

  • Grades 6-8 will dismiss at 12:00 p.m.
  • Pre-K through Grade 5 will dismiss at 12:40 p.m.
  • Afterschool care is also canceled (both Y-Time and CASE).
  • All students will receive lunch.

We apologize for this emergency dismissal. The water pressure has dropped since school started this morning and we no longer can operate schools, per State Education Department requirements.

Lost and Found Items

Please Check Lost & Found

Lost and Found Items

The school’s Lost & Found is full with jackets, hats and other clothing items.

Parents are encouraged to check Lost & Found, which is located outside the Health Office (near the gym entrance).

Thank you.

Honor Rolls

1st Quarter Honor Rolls Announced

High Honor Roll

Grade 7: Gideon Abbas, Juliana Brammer, Majella Briggs, Elizabeth Carbone, Joseph Coonan, Charlize DeLair, Briana Giles, Gianna Gross, Isabella Maroncelli and Laila Thomas.

Grade 8: Ryan Bates, Braden Ceresia, Christina Decker, Samantha Flagg, Gabriela Geise, Molly Graiff, Angela Lanesey, Mia Lucey, Ethan Nardacci, Chloe Rodriguez, Taylor Schoonmaker, Athena Seebald and Laura VerWys.

Honor Roll

Grade 7: Katriona Backaus, Kade Baker, Eleazar Bilek, Spencer Giles, Gabriella Gumlaw, Ethan Keenan, Maura Lander, Joseph Leinfelder, Maximus Remington, Ava Reo, Gabriella Rokjer, Marcus Rokjer, Caleb Rupp, Michaela Ryan, Avary Vejvoda, Alexis Vincent, Hailey Wagner, Carley Walsh and Brooklyn Wells.

Grade 8: Sydney Davey, Madeline Defreest, Ethan Hallenbeck, Jireh Henriquez, Owen Hirokawa, Alexander Kaplan, Anya Kulzer, Rita Lin, Isabela Niver, Olivia Palmer, Keely Panichi, Alivia Reo, Max Ryan, Abram Weatherwax and Carter Zimmerman.


PTA to Offer Gr. 4-8 Wind Turbine Program

The Wynantskill PTA is pleased to announce there is enough initial interest in the 2020 KidWind Challenge to offer the afterschool program this year.

Details are still being planned but the free afterschool program will start in January; students in grades 4-8 will meet on Wednesdays for 12 weeks designing and constructing small wind turbines.

If your child would be interested in the program and/or you would like to volunteer to help the PTA, please email Suada Garcia at garciais84@yahoo.com the following information.

  1. Name of student
  2. Grade
  3. Parent contact (Name, email & phone #)
  4. If interested in being a volunteer for this after school program

The proposed 12-week program will meet Wednesdays after school starting in January for one to two hours. Plans are still in the preliminary phase and any progress will be communicated accordingly. At this point, there is no transportation provided so families will need to drive students or arrange carpool for meetings and/or competitions. Kid Wind Program only applies to grades 4-8.

What is the KidWind Challenge?

The KidWind Challenge is a hands-on design competition that engages students in STEM through the lens of wind and solar energy. Student teams design and construct small wind turbines that they test, and then meet with a panel of judges to present their design process and demonstrate their contextual knowledge of renewable energy. Teams also engage in a variety of Instant Challenges to gauge their on the-spot teamwork and problem-solving skills. The KidWind Challenge is a team effort of teachers, students, engineers, and practitioners, all working to make wind energy education and other renewable energy education accessible in classrooms around the world. Additional information can be found on KidWind.org/Challenge

There is no cost to join the KidWind Challenge and GE will provide mentorship program if necessary.

There is no minimum requirement for this program. For teachers/Families/etc. interested in volunteering, GE is planning to host a teacher/volunteer workshop tentatively scheduled for Nov 14.

More information to follow. Thank you.

Students with fire department mascot

Fire Prevention Day

Firefighter with student

The Wynantskill Fire Department helped students stay safe Oct. 9 as they visited Gardner-Dickinson School for the annual Fire Prevention Day.

The morning started with a fire drill, which firefighters complimented students for evacuating the school so quickly. Firefighters then shared safety reminders such as having a home safety plan, the importance of having working smoke alarms, and how to stop, drop and roll.

Thank you for visiting our school and helping keep our students safe!

More photos.