Michael Goyer, Transportation Director
518-283-4600 ext. 134

Bus Drivers and Routes

Bus # Driver
67 Neal Benassi
69 Bob Rowe
70 Brenda Alderman
71 Charles Claus
72 Allison Smith
73 Mark Ahern
77 Robert Cushing
79 Debbie Hayes
80 Robert See
81 Nicole Manzer
82 Karen Keegan
83 Pat Rowe
84 Anthony Ciampolillo

Requests for Non-Public Transportation

State Education Law requires parents or guardians of a child residing within Wynantskill UFSD to submit a written request to the district for transportation to a non-public school.

The deadline is April 1 (or for those moving into the district, within 30 days after establishing residency within the district). Late requests shall be granted only when a reasonable explanation is provided for the delay and there is no additional cost to the district. The Board of Education will decide whether the explanation is reasonable. If a student is denied transportation to a non-public school, the parent or guardian may appeal to the Commissioner of Education if a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached with the Superintendent or Board of Education.

Forms are available on our Forms webpage.

School Bus Safety

To help ensure student safety:

  • All students are assigned seats.
  • All students must be seated at all times while on the bus.
  • Eating or drinking on school buses is prohibited.
  • Loud talking or noise making is prohibited.
  • School rules should be followed while riding the bus.