Wynantskill Union Free School District

District Goals

  • Increase academic achievement for all students.
  • Value continuous school improvement.
  • Foster a safe, respectful, responsible and positive school community.
  • Promote open and effective communication.
  • Provide a quality educational program while remaining fiscally responsible.

SMART Goal for the 2022-2023 School Year:


Wynantskill UFSD will increase a schoolwide culture and climate of respect and collaboration among students, families, teachers, staff and district leadership by 50% by June 2023.


Board of Education

The Wynantskill UFSD Board of Education consists of five elected community members charged with setting the goals and establishing the policies to create a successful school district for our community’s children. Board members are unpaid volunteers serving three-year terms.

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Important Information and Links

Notice of 2022-2023 Budget Hearing and Vote Information
NYS School Report Card Information

Here is New York State’s School Report Card, which provides information about Wynantskill UFSD.

Bids & RFPs

Visit our Bids & RFPs webpage for information about bids and requests for proposals.

Curriculum and Instruction

Visit our Curriculum and Instruction webpage for information about our educational programs and testing.

Technology Plan 2022-25

Here is Wynantskill UFSD’s Technology Plan for 2012-25.

School Safety Plan
Continuity of Operations Plan

Wynantskill Public Health Emergency Continuity of Operations Plan

RCG Health Insurance Trust Newsletter
School Publications

An archive of school newsletters and calendars is available here.

Smart Schools Planning Committee

The Smart Schools Planning Committee’s most recent presentation is available here.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Information

Here is information about the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Lead Testing Information

In 2016, Wynantskill UFSD tested all 53 water fixtures throughout the school as part of testing mandated by New York State.

While seven fixtures had results above 15 parts per billion, there were no issues with any of the school’s water fountains. The seven identified fixtures have already been repaired or are scheduled for repairs as part of the Capital Project.

More information is available in this parent letter.

Fire Inspection Notice

Notice is hereby given that the annual inspection for 2020-2021 of the Gardner-Dickinson Building of the Wynantskill Union Free School District for fire hazards which might endanger the lives of students, teachers, employees therein, has been completed and the report thereof is available at the Office of the Superintendent at 25 East Avenue, Troy NY 12180, for inspection by all interested persons.

NYS Sex Offender Registry

For the most up-to-date information, please visit the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services website.

Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)
Response to Intervention Plan

Here is Wynantskill UFSD’s Response to Intervention Plan, as required by NYS Education Law.

Pesticide Neighbor Notification

Here is a Pesticide Neighbor Notification, as required by NYS Education Law.

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Maltreatment

NYS Education Law requires public schools to post information about the Child Abuse Hotline Number.

If you suspect child abuse or maltreatment, you can report it by:

  • Calling the NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) toll free at 1-800-342-3720
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing, call TDD/TTY at 1-800-638-5163 or have your Video Relay System provider call 1-800-342-3720
  • If you believe that a child is in immediate danger, please call 911 or the local police department.
  • For more information, please visit the OCFS website.
Title I Parent's Right to Know

Here is Title I Parent’s Right to Know information, as required by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Parents Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security

Here is a Parents Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security, as required by NYS Education Law.