Students with laptops

Students Encouraged to Take Gr. 3-8 Exams

Students with laptopsWynantskill UFSD would like to ask parents to please help us improve education for their children by allowing students to take the upcoming Gr. 3-8 ELA and Math exams.

“These exams provide us critical information that we use to strengthen our curriculum by showing us what teaching approaches work best for our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Thomas Reardon. “Test refusals create incomplete information which hinders our ability to improve the educational program for all students.”

Here are details of the tests and changes NYS has made to improve them:

  • 3-4 exams take about 60 minutes to complete.
  • 5-8 exams take about 80 minutes to complete.
  • Students are given as much time as they need.
  • Testing takes place over two days, not three days.
  • There are fewer questions on each exam.
  • Results have no impact on a student’s grade.
  • Results have no impact on teacher evaluations.
  • ELA tests may be read aloud to students with Individualized Education Plans.
  • Exams help prepare students for similar tests such as Regents exams in High School.

“These proficiency exams are a great measure that tell us where our students are in relation to their grade level curriculum and standards. It helps ensure that we are providing all of our students with the enrichment and interventions they may need to be successful high school graduates earning a Regents diploma,” said Principal Dr. Mary Yodis.

If you have any questions or concerns about the exams, please call Principal Mary Yodis at 518-283-4600 ext. 10.

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