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Parent Letter Explaining Report Cards

Greetings, GD Families!

We hope you are preparing for a well-deserved summer. First and foremost, thank you for your support of your children as we navigated this uncharted terrority of remote instruction for the past three months. Certainly, none of us could have predicted this would be our “new normal.” But, like any challenge GD faces, we prevailed and made what seemed like the impossible something manageable. I am proud of the work your children accomplished and though nothing can substitute for being in the classroom, GD students rose to the occasion.

As for the Fall and what our program will look like, there are many questions that have yet to be answered. Rest assured that as further guidance is provided from the Governor and the New York State Education Department we will keep you informed. Right now, we must simply wait, recharge, and remain as flexible as possible (an attribute all of you displayed when this pandemic hit us mid-March).

Your child’s report card will be sent home the week of June 15. Recognizing that this quarter was nothing like the first three, we elected to “grade” using the following system:

Elementary Report Cards (Pre-K-5)

Your child’s teacher will write a narrative only, with no scores listed in the individual subject boxes. The narrative will contain an account of the learning that occurred and any comments observed by your child’s teacher.

Middle School Report Cards (6-8) and Special Area: (K-8)

In lieu of a number grade for the 4th quarter, faculty of respective courses will use the same ratings used for progress reports (indicating if your child worked below, at, or above expectations set forth by each individual course). The final course average box will be computed as either a Pass (P) or Fail (F), based upon their first three quarter averages, combined with their cumulative participation during the 4th quarter. This model is consistent with our neighboring school districts and our eighth grade student transcripts will reflect the course credit earned as they enter ninth grade (high schools are not looking for a numerical average for these courses, even courses with a Regents exam as these assessments were universally cancelled this year).

Teacher Assignments (K-6)

You will also notice on the K-6 report cards that your child has not been assigned a classroom teacher for the Fall like we have traditionally done in the past. With the uncertainty and potential restrictions, it would be unfair to set expectations for a particular teacher and then have to make changes before the start of the school year due to guidance from the CDC, New York State, and Department of Health. Once we receive all of the additional guidance and regulations for September, we will send that information out to families along with your child’s classroom teacher and a supply list.

A true testament to a school community is how they react during a crisis. Once again, thank you for your support.


Superintendent Dr. Thomas Reardon

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