A GD student getting off the bus

WUFSD Bus Stop-Arm Program Report

In an active effort to enhance student safety, the Wynantskill Union Free School District has implemented measures to crack down on school bus stop-arm violations. In December 2023, a total of 22 tickets were issued to drivers who illegally passed stopped school buses within the district.
The district’s proactive approach involves the use of high-tech cameras installed on the exterior of school buses, capturing clear evidence of motorists disregarding the stop-arm signals. These cameras automatically activate when the stop-arm is extended, providing indisputable documentation of the violations.
Local law enforcement, in collaboration with the school district, reviewed the footage and identified the violators, resulting in the issuance of 22 tickets during the month of December alone. The penalties for these violations may include fines, license points, and other consequences as dictated by state law.
School administration and law enforcement are emphasizing the severity of the issue, underscoring the potential dangers posed to students when drivers fail to obey school bus stop signals. The district is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its students during their daily commute to and from school.
An estimated 50,000 cars illegally pass stopped school buses in New York State every day. As the program gains momentum, WUFSD hopes that the increased enforcement will act as a deterrent, ensuring the well-being of students across the district.
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